Wednesday, June 19, 2013

NARS Pierre Hardy Boys Don't Cry Blush

The NARS and Pierre Hardy collaboration has been much talked about, mostly because it’s gorgeous! It’s a relatively small collection, made up of nail polish duos and blushes. While the nail polish combinations are popular, the blushes are the standouts.

I decided to go with Boys Don’t Cry, the pink grapefruit shade of blush. This massive powder blush (it’s a huge 13g compared to the usual NARS blushers which weigh in at around 4.5g!) has a golden shimmer overlay in a geometric pattern. Once the overlay has been rubbed off (in a few uses time) you’re left with a very pigmented, smooth, matte blush. The formula is fantastic and wears all day on me, but I haven’t had the chance to test it out in very hot weather.

Taken in natural light
This blush is so pigmented, I’ve taken to applying it with a fan brush. Even on my medium skintone, a fan brush provides more than enough colour. This is a shade for all skintones – the fairest out there would have to be very cautious when applying but the colour is universal in my opinion.

Taken with flash
Boys Don’t Cry is a fresh, bright shade that everyone seems to see a little differently. For me, it’s a blend of watermelon pink with a touch of red in there. But somehow, I really don’t understand how, I also see a little orange in there. I don’t think there’s an exact dupe out there and I find the colour to be very unique, in my collection at least.

Natural light, blended out with a brush on right
Taken with Flash
Costing £30, it’s not a cheap item. Having said that, when you take the weight into consideration, it’s actually priced very fairly, especially compared to regular NARS blushes. As we all know, limited edition items are quite often priced higher than products in the core line, so I’m very impressed with the £30 price tag.
At this moment in time, I’m definitely considering making Rotonde (the orange shade) a part of my collection. I think that tells you how much I’m enjoying Boys Don’t Cry.


Anne JF said...

that's exactly what happened to me: I fell for Boys Don't Cry, and after such a good experience, I got Rotonde. They are my summery blushes now!!!

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