Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dior Addict Extreme 643 Diablotine Extreme

Like I said a few days ago, Dior has been releasing some stellar lip shades which have been seriously tempting me.

After much internal debating, I finally settled on purchasing Dior Addict Extreme in 643 Diablotine Extreme. This shade, along with 3 others, was also released as a standard Addict lipstick which is lighter in pigment and a touch glossier.

I find Diablotine Extreme to be the perfect red to wear during the day for those who are a little nervous about full-on reds. It's a glossy, see-through red with a very slight coral tint that looks great on a range of skintones. It is gorgeous for the summer and feels fantastic on the lips. Comfortable, gel-like and even a tiny bit nourishing.

Single swipe swatch

One swipe provides the perfect rosy red stained look, while a couple of layers look rich, glossy and vibrant.

Built up, vibrant swatch

I LOVE this lipstick and it's an absolute must buy for me. I do advise trying it on before you invest as these aren't the cheapest of cosmetics and the shades tend to look different on everyone, picking up on the natural subtle nuances in our lips.

Try it, buy it.


Anne JF said...

This one looks so pretty... I had been away from Dior for a long time now, until I got the teal eye gloss I posted the other day. However, new lipsticks and lipglosses are tempting me back

birkinbagbeauty said...

I like this idea of a subtle corallish red. The name is intriguing too and Dior is quite good with their lipsticks

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